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Types of LCI and LCA deliverables and intended applications

– Integrate object informations in Revit file

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– Match the idematapp2018 component with their density

– Match the list of components in byggvarubedomningen forms with the Idematapp2018 database



– Intended application(s)

– Method, assumption and impact limitations (e.g. Carbon footprint)

– Reasons for carrying out the study, and decision-context

– Target audience

– Comparisons intended to be disclosed to the public

– Commissioner of the study and other influential actors

– Classifying the decision-context as Situation A, B, or C

– Need for flexibility versus strictness

– Optionally extending the goal

– Types of LCI and LCA deliverables and intended applications

– Function, functional unit, and reference flow

– Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) modelling framework

– Deriving system boundaries and cut-off criteria (completeness)

– Preparing the basis for the impact assessment

– Representativeness and appropriateness of LCI data

– Types, quality and – sources of required data and information

– Comparisons between systems

– Identifying critical review needs

– Planning reporting

– Identifying processes within the system boundaries

– Planning data collection

– Collecting unit process LCI data

– Developing generic LCI data

– Selecting secondary LCI data sets

– Averaging LCI data

– Modelling the system

– Solving multifunctionality of processes in attributional modelling

– Calculating LCI results

– Introduction and overview

– Calculation of LCIA results

– Normalisation

– Normalisation

– Weighting

– Identification of significant issues

– Evaluation

– Conclusions, limitations, and recommendations

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– Watch

– Listen

– Releasing announcement


Retrieve the quantities (m2/m3) of floor, wall and roof

– Domain name

– Appearances

– Logo

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– Tasks

– Time

– Budget

– Choose amongst the different offers


– Develop a routine in order to extract the list of components used in byggvarubedömningen forms